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Meet the Exeter Rhinos

Rhinos in Exeter

Don’t forget to keep a look out for the rhinos in Exeter this summer!

There’s still plenty of time to see the The Great Big Rhino Trail that ends on 9th October 2016

Rhino - Cath

For 10 weeks, a public trail of 40 life-size rhinos will feature on the streets, parks and open spaces of Exeter and the English Riviera.

Visit the Exeter Photograph Gallery to view more rhinos on this art trail around the city of Exeter

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Exeter High Street Shopping

Exeter Shopping

Exeter has many more shops beyond its classy shopping centres. The High Street is still the main shopping street in the centre and is full with some of the great names in shopping!

Exeter ShopperExeter High Street

After recently updating the main Exeter Shopping page, we’ve now also started updating the main Exeter Shopping areas including the High Street highlighted here today. Each of these retail areas will feature our all new look that’s also mobile and tablet friendly too!

This popular section of  will eventually be an ideal guide for visitors planning a shopping trip to the city.

For now, we hope you’ll find the updates more accessible and the information provided for Shopping in Exeter useful and helpful…

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