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Exeter Reviews

Exeter Reviews, Comments & Stories

Have you a story to tell, a comment to make, or a short review of the city? Have you visited Exeter recently and would like to share your experiences? Or maybe you’d just like to read what others have said about this lovely capital city of Devon.

We’ve  now updated the Exeter reviews and comments page making it mobile and tablet friendly too.

Visit the updated ‘Exeter Reviews, Comment and Stories’ page

If you have been reading these blogs then you will know that is undergoing an overhaul and this is just one of many page updates that’s been completed so far. We have lots more ideas and updates coming soon so keep a check on the site or follow us on the social channels for any announcements.


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Transport in Exeter

Exeter Transport and Travel

We’ve  now updated the Exeter Transport section within So getting around the city will be easier now you know what’s available and where things are located. Travelling around any city can be a daunting task especially when you are visiting somewhere for the first time.

Exeter BusWhen updating this section we have tried to include all the questions that you might ask yourself before embarking on a trip to Exeter. Whether this is for a business meeting, a weekend break, or a shopping trip to the city, the information on these pages should help!

Transport in Exeter

There are many ways to get around the city. The Exeter Transport pages give a brief overview to some of the city’s transport services. You may be arriving in the Devon capital city by bus and wish to know the location of the Exeter bus station in relation to its main shopping areas. Or how to get from one of the train stations to Exeter City’s football stadium. Whatever your reason for visiting Exeter we hope that these pages will make it a smoother experience.

This is one of many ongoing updates that the Exeter web site is having and features our all new mobile and tablet friendly layout making it useful wherever, whenever!

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For now, we hope you’ll find the updates more accessible and the information provided for Transport in Exeter useful and helpful…

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